Great Grow Along - Virtual Garden Festival

We are the proud owner and operator of The Great Grow Along – a free 10-day virtual festival connecting gardeners worldwide with the influencers, taste-makers and cutting edge content of today’s gardening world. 

This unique, engaged audience spends twice as much as the average garden consumer and is eager to learn more about gardening and the brands that support it. 

During the event over 10% of participants participated in our Your Garden Journey survey, various polls and other data collection methods. (download a free report from this survey HERE).

We have cultivated and continue to grow this audience as a significant source of data for our research while augmenting with traditional consumer research methods.

  • 27k engaged attendees in 2022
  • 41k session views
  • 254k website visitors
  • 1.2M social impressions
  • Average of 53% open rate for the event newsletter

2022 Event Overview/Recap

The Great Grow Along concept was conceived during the pandemic as a resource for the 18M people who started gardening. 

What we quickly learned is the event met an untapped need for collected, curated content built around a diverse and vetted group of educators and influencers that participants could connect with live. 

The 2022 event saw an 12x growth over the inaugural 2021 event. We are predicting a 5x increase for 2023.

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