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A Fresh Perspective on Garden Industry Research

  • Dynamic Presentation of Data: Charts and analyses are brought to life through video commentary by industry experts, making complex information easily accessible.
  • Comprehensive Industry Insights: Leveraging a blend of proprietary surveys and curated research from multiple sources to serve as a central platform for the garden industry
  • Diverse Data Insights: Beyond surveys, our platform enriches industry understanding with behavioral data from video stats and app usage, trend and marketing insights, and real-life sales figures, framed through “What does the consumer say?” and “What does the industry say?” narratives.
  • Diverse Publication Schedule: Our insights are published year-round, offering timely and relevant data beyond traditional annual reports.
  • Extensive Survey Pool: Featuring a large and diverse collection of consumer and business-to-business (B2B) responses for well-rounded perspectives.
  • Consumer-Centric Approach: Our focus is on capturing consumer sentiments, complemented by real-life data and B2B research from our partners, to provide a holistic view of the industry.
Our approach ensures that our insights are both easy to understand and highly relevant to today’s dynamic environment.


Making the World Bloom, One Gardener at a Time
We at Simple Spring cherish a simple belief: the world blossoms with more gardeners. Gardens are not just spaces but melting pots where strangers turn into friends, sharing and celebrating life’s common threads.

Our Commitment: Listening and Learning from Garden Enthusiasts
We’re committed to this vision, dedicating ourselves to understanding gardening enthusiasts and lifestyle creatives. Through a blend of live and virtual events, engaging newsletters, and our YouTube channel, we foster conversations in the gardening community. These discussions lead to surveys, polls, and other data-gathering methods, forming the backbone of our unique insights.

From Insights to Impact: Tools for Industry Growth
The data we gather is meticulously transformed into comprehensive research reports and practical tools. These resources empower suppliers in the garden and lifestyle sectors, aiding them in making informed decisions to nurture their businesses and fulfill customer desires.


Rooted in Experience, Growing in Expertise
Our team is a vibrant mix of garden industry professionals, educators, authors, PR specialists, technologists, and entrepreneurs. We’ve faced the challenges of finding timely, actionable data and analysis to propel our businesses. Recognizing this gap, we crafted the Simple Spring Insights dashboard: a synergy of data-driven knowledge and insightful wisdom, tailored for the garden and lifestyle industry.

Your Business Growth, Our Passion
Simple Spring isn’t just a platform; it’s a solution born from our personal experiences and challenges in the industry. We’re here to offer what we once sought – quick, accessible, and effective insights to help your business flourish.

Drive Your Business with Data

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