About Us

Actionable insights and research for the garden and lifestyle sectors​

Simple Spring provides a fresh take on consumer research for the garden and lifestyle sectors. We’ve revolutionized all aspects of the research process (collection of data, analysis) presented in a simple and meaningful format for a fast-paced, ever changing market.

The world moves fast and your business intelligence resources should, too.

Our vision

At Simple Spring we believe the world is a happier place with more gardeners in it. We believe that around the table and in our homes, strangers become friends as we connect and celebrate what we all have in common.

We are dedicated to supporting these beliefs by listening intently to humans who like gardening and expressing creativity with lifestyle activities.

Through unique live and virtual events plus curated content delivered via newsletter and YouTube, we start dialogues in the garden and lifestyle space and ask participants to share their thoughts on these topics via surveys, polls and other data collection vehicles.

Gathered insights are then transformed into proprietary research reports and tools to help the suppliers of products and services in the garden and lifestyle industry make better decisions to support their business growth and the desires of their customers.


We’re a team of garden industry professionals, educators, authors, PR experts, technologists and all small business owners. We’ve been in the trenches wondering where to get the best insights to move our garden/lifestyle businesses forward while managing the day-to-day.

Nothing we found solved our need for fast, useful data and analysis to run our businesses so we created the Simple Spring Insights dashboard where knowledge (data and research) meets wisdom.