From Soil to Shield: Embracing Natural Fertilizers and Pest Control

We Asked

  • What type of fertilizer do you use?
  • What type of pest control do you use?

Consumers Answered

The recent shift towards sustainable gardening practices is clearly reflected in our latest survey, which explores gardeners’ preferences in both fertilizers and pest control products. The findings reveal a significant inclination towards environmentally friendly options, with 52.40% choosing organic fertilizers and 32.96% opting for certified organic pest control products. These choices highlight an industry-wide trend of moving away from conventional synthetic products towards more natural solutions, emphasizing gardeners’ growing concern for environmental impact and plant health.

The survey also indicates a strong preference for products made with natural ingredients, with 46.77% in fertilizers and 36.07% in pest control. This preference underscores the gardeners’ trust in the efficacy of naturally derived products, reflecting a broader shift in the market demand. Interestingly, a substantial number of gardeners are embracing a DIY approach, with 27.95% creating homemade fertilizers and 26.55% using homemade pest control solutions. This trend not only showcases gardeners’ innovative spirit but also their desire for control over what goes into their gardens.

In contrast, the use of synthetic products has seen a decline, with only 20.48% opting for synthetic fertilizers and 15.63% for synthetic pest controls. Furthermore, a noteworthy proportion of gardeners choose not to use pest control products at all (33.50%), possibly indicating a tolerance for pests or reliance on natural pest management methods. These findings illustrate a clear shift in consumer behavior and highlight the need for continued innovation and education in the gardening industry to meet these evolving demands.

What type of fertilizer do you use?

What type of pest control do you use?


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