Gardeners Weigh In: The Price of Quality Soil

We Asked

  • When buying soil, how important is the quality vs price?

Consumers Answered

When it comes to purchasing soil for gardening, the dilemma of quality versus price takes center stage. Our survey sheds light on this issue, revealing that 37.04% of gardeners often pay extra for higher quality soil, valuing the perceived benefits it brings to their gardens. This finding underscores a significant segment of the gardening community that prioritizes the quality of soil, viewing it as a crucial investment for their gardening success.

Conversely, a noteworthy 17.12% of respondents do not believe that a higher price equals higher quality, suggesting skepticism about the correlation between cost and soil effectiveness. Meanwhile, 27.51% express a desire for higher quality soil but are deterred by the price, indicating a gap in the market for affordable, high-quality options. Additionally, 18.33% of gardeners seek more information to form a solid opinion, highlighting the need for greater awareness and education on soil quality and its impact. These diverse perspectives paint a complex picture of gardeners’ attitudes and challenges when selecting soil for their gardens.

When buying soil, how important is the quality vs price?


Interpreting mixed signals is not easy when planning for 2024

  • Check back for updates to this particular Insight in Jan/Feb, sentiments will have likely changed
  • Be clear about the reasons for having increased your prices
  • Consumer balance sheets are still reasonably strong, but the trend is down – consider a strategy to sell to capacity as early as possible in 2023, before consumers are running out of cash and are forced to turn to credit. 

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