Tech Trends: Surveying App Usage Among Gardeners

We Asked

  • Do you use mobile or computer apps to assist in your gardening efforts?
  • What do you use mobile apps for?

Consumers Answered

We discovered a significant embrace of technology among gardeners: 56% of respondents indicated that they use mobile apps to aid their gardening efforts. This majority showcases a modern shift in gardening practices, where digital tools are becoming integral to the hobby. Interestingly, a sizable 44% still prefer traditional methods or possibly lack awareness or access to these technological aids. This split highlights the varied approaches in the gardening community, blending the old with the new.

When diving deeper into the purposes for which mobile apps are used, ‘Plant recognition’ emerged as the top reason, with 72.84% of app-using gardeners relying on it. This suggests a high interest in accurate plant identification and care, reflecting a diverse range of cultivated plants. Following closely, ‘Care instructions’ were crucial for 58.20% of respondents, indicating a desire for accessible and reliable guidance in plant care. Weather recommendations and disease recognition were also important for around 45% of users, illustrating the diverse needs that technology is fulfilling in the garden.

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Do you use mobile apps for gardening?

What do you use mobile apps for?


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