Survey – Gardeners’ Journey

About This Survey

The survey consists of a broad set of questions to gardeners, covering multiple sub-segments. This is our flagship survey, having the most questions, the broadest reach, and the largest number of respondents. The survey launches during the Great Grow Along event, and continuous to run for 3-4 months, covering the main growing season in most of North America. In addition to capturing data the traditional way via a questionnaire form, this survey also collects data via website behaviors and quick polls.  

  • Refreshes annually
  • 2k+ respondents
  • Includes behavioral data


This survey targets “gardeners at large”, i.e. no particular focus on getting to a specific sub-demographic, or to get a particular desired mix. The survey, however, captures those sub-demographics (see below) and provides a multitude of cross-tab reports for each main question. 

Household Income

Age Group

What level of gardener are you?

What is your annual garden budget?