Inflation and the Gardener: A Shift in Discount Seeking Behavior


We Asked

  • Which types of in-store discounts are meaningful to you?
  • How will you be looking for discounts going forward?

Consumers Answered

As economic factors like inflation and post-COVID market changes continue to shape consumer behavior, gardeners are adjusting their approaches to finding in-store discounts. The survey, conducted primarily after the busy spring season to encapsulate sentiments from garden-related purchases, reveals telling preferences. Clearance sales are the leading type of in-store discount, chosen by 52% of respondents, indicating a strong inclination towards significant markdowns. Meanwhile, loyalty programs also hold considerable appeal (26%), suggesting value in sustained relationships with retailers.

The second part of the survey, garnering higher responses in the fall seasons of both 2023 and 2022 amid increasing inflation news, shows that a substantial 53% of gardeners are ‘Very Actively’ seeking discounts. Another 42% are ‘Somewhat Actively’ on the lookout. These findings highlight a proactive and engaged consumer base, likely driven by the current economic climate and a keen interest in maximizing value. This shift towards more active discount hunting reflects a broader change in shopping behaviors and priorities among gardeners in recent times.”

Which types of in-store discounts are meaningful to you?

How will you be looking for discounts going forward?

By Gender and Age

Analyzing discount preferences among gardeners by gender and age reveals distinct trends. Females show a greater preference for ‘BOGO’ and ‘Loyalty Program’ deals, while males favor ‘Clearance Sales’. Non-Binary/Other individuals align closely with the overall average, slightly leaning towards loyalty programs. Age-wise, the older the gardener, the more they prefer consistent savings like ‘BOGO’ and ‘Loyalty Programs’, especially prominent among those 65+. Younger gardeners, particularly under 34, are more drawn to ‘Clearance Sales’. These insights suggest varied discount strategies may be effective in catering to different segments within the gardening community.

By Gender

By Age


In-Store Audiences Are Local, Inflation Is Historically High

  • These results are from a nationwide survey and may or may not apply to local conditions
  • Future versions of this Insight will include geographical subsets
  • With inflation being historically high, consumer opinions are likely different from non-inflationary years

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