How often do you visit public gardens?

How often do you visit public gardens?

Discover how often gardeners visit public gardens, their top motivations for frequent or infrequent visits, and the primary reasons that drive them to these green spaces.

Gardeners’ Retail Preferences and Shifts in 2024

Explore key insights into gardeners’ retail preferences in 2024. Our survey investigates the choice between independent garden centers and big box retailers, focusing on pricing, plant variety, convenience, and customer service. This insight highlights the driving forces behind these preferences and their implications.

Navigating the Garden Aisles: Big Box Stores vs. Independent Centers

Explore the factors driving gardeners to choose between big box stores and local garden centers. This post delves into the survey data revealing why some prefer the convenience of big box retailers, while others opt for the quality and service of independent centers. Uncover the key considerations that influence these shopping decisions in the gardening community.

Inflation and the Gardener: A Shift in Discount Seeking Behavior


In a changing economic landscape, this post explores how gardeners are adapting their discount-seeking habits. Focusing on preferred discount types and the intensity of their search, we reveal shifts in gardener’s savings strategies amidst inflation and post-COVID adjustments.