How often do you visit public gardens?

How often do you visit public gardens

We Asked

  • How often do you visit large public/botanical gardens?
  • Top reasons for visiting?
  • Top reasons for not visiting more frequently?

Consumers Answered

Our survey revealed varied visitation frequencies among gardeners to large public or botanical gardens. Approximately a quarter of the respondents (24.2%) visit several times a year, demonstrating a strong engagement with these green spaces. An additional 26.4% visit once a year, while 18.5% visit every 2-3 years. Interestingly, 18.5% of the respondents either haven’t visited in over ten years or have never visited at all. Less frequent visitors include those who go every 4-5 years (8.3%) and those who visit every 6-10 years (4.0%). These insights indicate a significant portion of the gardening community is engaged with public gardens, albeit with varied regularity.

When it comes to the reasons gardeners visit large public or botanical gardens, the appreciation of nature and outdoor beauty stands out as the leading motivator, with 27.9% of respondents citing it as their primary reason. General interest in gardening and plants follows at 21.0%, and relaxation and well-being are crucial for 19.1% of respondents. Inspiration for their own spaces motivates 15.4% of gardeners, showing that visits often translate into creative ideas for personal gardening projects. Meanwhile, 10.9% visit to see rare or exotic plants.

It’s notable that only 4.3% of gardeners visit for educational workshops and talks. This low percentage suggests that gardeners might be seeking educational resources elsewhere, which could be a valuable insight for industry customers looking to attract this audience.

How often do you visit large public/botanical gardens?

Primary reason for visiting

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