Citrus: What Consumers Desire in Oranges & Mandarin Varieties

Survey Questions

  • Rate the importance of key aspects of oranges and mandarin varieties

Survey Background

Our analysis is based on the study “Estimating Willingness to Pay for New Mandarin Cultivars,” focusing primarily on mandarins but offering insights applicable to oranges. This research serves as a proxy for understanding consumer preferences in the citrus segment, bridging the gap between buying and growing choices. By examining attributes valued in consumption, such as flavor and freshness, we gain a comprehensive view of what may influence citrus growers and enthusiasts.

Consumers Answered

The study by Bi et al. focuses on consumer preferences for mandarin cultivars, offering detailed insights into various sensory attributes. Participants in the study rated various characteristics like flavor, freshness, sweetness, and appearance. The key findings revealed that flavor is unanimously considered very important by consumers, with a 100% rating. Freshness follows closely behind, with a 97% rating for being very important. Other attributes like sweetness, appearance, and juiciness also scored high in importance, indicating that consumers have a nuanced appreciation of different sensory aspects of mandarins.

Interestingly, ease of peel and color of the fruit were also significant factors, with over 70% of respondents rating them as very important. The number of seeds and acidity were less critical but still notable in consumer decision-making. Size and shape of the fruit received a more mixed response, suggesting that while these factors are considered, they are not as crucial as the other attributes. This research highlights the multifaceted nature of consumer preferences in mandarins, which can be applied to understand choices in the broader citrus category.

Rate your preferences for oranges and mandarin varieties‚Äč


Price as a factor is not corroborated by income and garden budget crosstabs

  • If price is a key factor, we’d expect it to be more important for smaller budgets & lower incomes
  • Instead, it’s actually gardeners with higher budgets that plant more frequently from seeds
  • To get a more complete picture, we’re working on crosstabs for Experience Level – stay tuned

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