2024 Digs: Top Landscaping Choices by Gardeners

Statistics & Trends for Landscaping

In 2024, gardeners faced diverse choices in landscaping, from expanding to scaling back projects. This post explores how projects unfolded and the factors, especially rising costs, influencing these decisions. Uncover insights into the current landscaping landscape and gardeners’ adaptive strategies.

Citrus: What Consumers Desire in Oranges & Mandarin Varieties

Explore the vibrant world of oranges and mandarin varieties in our latest insight! We delve into the nuanced preferences of consumers, uncovering what makes these specific citrus fruits a favorite choice. From the essence of flavor to the appeal of appearance, join us as we sift through compelling research to reveal the key factors driving consumer decisions in the world of oranges and mandarins.

Garden Watering Trends: Insights from a Recent Survey

Trends in Garden Watering & Irrigation

Explore the varied ways gardeners keep their gardens lush and healthy in our latest survey analysis. From hand watering to sophisticated in-ground solutions, we uncover the preferred methods and what they reveal about current gardening practices. Dive into the data to see how different watering techniques are shaping gardens today.

Branching Out: Insights into the Tree Trimming Service Industry

Explore the essential elements of the Tree Trimming Services industry with our latest blog post. We delve into the various segments, from shrub pruning to emergency care, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry’s scope. Our analysis, grounded in IBISWorld’s research, offers a detailed look at the services that form the backbone of this vital sector.

Revealing What People Truly Desire in Their Gardens

Explore the latest trends in lawn and garden aesthetics with our new insight. We reveal the top preferences of homeowners for their outdoor spaces. From lush green lawns to vibrant flower beds, find out what’s capturing the heart of modern landscaping.

Transforming Spaces: Consumers Views on Green & Moss Walls

Explore the world of living walls in our latest blog post. We dive into consumer opinions and preferences on living and moss walls, uncovering key insights from recent surveys. Learn about what drives people to embrace these green installations in their living and working spaces.