Revealing What People Truly Desire in Their Gardens

Survey Questions

  • Rate the most attractive aesthetic for your lawn and yard space

Consumers Answered

This research from Civic Science reveals key insights into consumer preferences for lawn and garden aesthetics. A healthy green lawn emerges as the top choice, preferred by 41% of consumers, highlighting the classic appeal of lush lawns. Vibrant plants and flowers are favored by 23%, indicating a love for colorful and lively gardens.

Regional plant life attracts 13% of respondents, reflecting an appreciation for local flora and sustainability. Features like rocks and decorations are preferred by 9%, showing a trend towards more structured landscapes. Additionally, 5% of consumers enjoy cultivating fruit and vegetables, aligning with the urban gardening movement.

Other preferences, including statues, walkways, and unique plants, although less common, reveal a niche interest in diverse garden elements. These findings provide valuable insights for industry professionals, showcasing the varied tastes and trends in modern lawn and garden design.

Rate the most attractive aesthetic for your lawn and yard space


Price as a factor is not corroborated by income and garden budget crosstabs

  • If price is a key factor, we’d expect it to be more important for smaller budgets & lower incomes
  • Instead, it’s actually gardeners with higher budgets that plant more frequently from seeds
  • To get a more complete picture, we’re working on crosstabs for Experience Level – stay tuned

By Demographics

Rate the most attractive aesthetic for your lawn and yard space

(By Household Income Level)

The crosstab report on lawn and garden preferences shows minimal variation across different income levels, suggesting a universally shared taste in outdoor aesthetics. The preference for a healthy green lawn is a constant favorite, with a slight increase in favor among higher income brackets. Vibrant plants and flowers, as well as regional plant life, hold steady appeal across all income groups, highlighting a common appreciation for color and local flora.

Notably, choices like garden features and home-grown produce show only slight differences among income categories. Even niche preferences such as statues and unique plants maintain a consistent interest across various incomes. This uniformity across economic backgrounds underscores a broad, shared interest in garden aesthetics, indicating that the love for a well-designed outdoor space transcends financial boundaries.

Survey Background

Our latest blog post delves into the intricacies of lawn and garden preferences, drawing from a pivotal research article by Civic Science. This particular study, detailed in their article “70% of Americans Value Environmental Sustainability When Tending to Their Lawn” (Civic Science), serves as a foundational source for our analysis. The research by Civic Science was meticulously conducted, gathering insights from a broad demographic to understand what homeowners value most in their outdoor spaces. Their methodology was thorough, ensuring a well-rounded view of current trends in lawn and garden aesthetics. By integrating the key findings of this study with our own insights, we offer a comprehensive look into the evolving preferences of consumers in the realm of landscaping and garden design.