2024 Digs: Top Landscaping Choices by Gardeners

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We Asked

  • As 2024 progressed, how did your landscaping projects proceed?
  • Which factors led you to scale back on landscaping projects? (if applicable)
  • What is your forecast for 2025?

Consumers Answered

In 2024, gardeners’ landscaping projects reflected a spectrum of responses to evolving circumstances. While 19% expanded their projects, embracing opportunities to enhance their outdoor spaces, 30% stayed the course, proceeding as planned. Notably, 23% scaled back, and 13% canceled projects entirely, indicating a cautious or constrained approach for many. These choices, juxtaposed against the 12% without plans and the 2% without yards, mirror the diverse realities and priorities within the gardening community.

When probing into the reasons for scaling back, the survey highlights cost-related concerns as pivotal. Rising costs in other areas emerged as the predominant factor for 40% of gardeners, suggesting broader economic pressures spilling into gardening decisions. The price of plants and labor were also significant deterrents, cited by 35% and 20% of respondents, respectively. This data underscores a cautious trend among gardeners, balancing their passion for landscaping with practical financial considerations in a fluctuating economic climate.

As 2024 progressed, how did your landscape projects proceed

Which factors led you to scale back on landscaping projects? (if applicable)


Interpreting mixed signals is not easy when planning for 2024

  • Check back for updates to this particular Insight in Jan/Feb, sentiments will have likely changed
  • Be clear about the reasons for having increased your prices
  • Consumer balance sheets are still reasonably strong, but the trend is down – consider a strategy to sell to capacity as early as possible in 2023, before consumers are running out of cash and are forced to turn to credit. 

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