Branching Out: Insights into the Tree Trimming Service Industry

Market Overview

  • High-level overview of this segment

Summary of Industry Segment

The IBISWorld research highlights four main segments within the tree trimming service industry. Tree and shrub pruning services dominate the market, accounting for 44% of the industry. This indicates a strong demand for regular maintenance and care. Emergency tree services and tree felling, including stump removal, each hold a significant 24% share. These segments reflect the need for responsive and specialized services in the face of natural events or urban development. Lastly, other services constitute a smaller portion of 4%, suggesting niche markets within the industry.

Industry Sub-Segments


Price as a factor is not corroborated by income and garden budget crosstabs

  • If price is a key factor, we’d expect it to be more important for smaller budgets & lower incomes
  • Instead, it’s actually gardeners with higher budgets that plant more frequently from seeds
  • To get a more complete picture, we’re working on crosstabs for Experience Level – stay tuned

Insight Background

Our analysis incorporates insights from three authoritative sources: the IBISWorld Industry Report on Tree Trimming Services in the US (IBISWorld Report), the National Arborist Association (Tree Care Industry Association), and The Society of American Foresters (SAF). These sources provide a comprehensive overview of the tree trimming service industry, covering market trends, professional standards, and educational aspects.