Garden Watering Trends: Insights from a Recent Survey

Trends in Garden Watering Irrigation

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  • How do you water your garden?

Consumers Answered

In a survey of gardeners’ watering practices, a dominant trend emerged: hand watering, used by 86.28% of respondents. This traditional method’s popularity might reflect its simplicity, control, and direct connection with the garden. Despite its labor-intensive nature, hand watering remains a cornerstone in garden care, potentially offering a meditative and intimate gardening experience.

Contrastingly, automated and less labor-intensive methods like sprinklers and hose irrigation were chosen by 35.29% and 31.99% of gardeners, respectively. Drip irrigation, known for its efficiency and water conservation benefits, was preferred by nearly 30%. Interestingly, only a small fraction opted for advanced options like in-ground self-watering solutions and self-watering containers, suggesting that while technology in gardening is on the rise, many gardeners still lean towards more hands-on, traditional methods of watering.”

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How do you water your garden?


Sample results from the “Other” option

  • Rain barrels
  • No watering
  • Spring well
  • Irrigation ditch 

Trends Over Time

Drip Irrigation - Google Searches Over Time

While the gardening community has grown substantially, the frequency of ‘drip irrigation’ searches on Google has remained consistent from 2004 to 2023. This steady trend suggests that despite more people taking up gardening, the adoption of drip irrigation techniques has not seen a parallel surge in interest or awareness.

Hose Irrigation - Google Searches Over Time

Contrary to the steady interest in ‘drip irrigation,’ searches for ‘hose irrigation’ have shown a gentle yet discernible increase over the past two decades. This rise might reflect a growing preference for the convenience and immediacy of hose watering among gardeners. The pronounced seasonal peaks also suggest that hose irrigation remains a go-to method during the prime gardening seasons, aligning with the natural cycle of garden care.

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