Roots and Wires: How Media Channels Shape Gardening

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  • I learn about gardening in the following ways…
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This Insight delves into the media channels favored by gardeners for learning, reflecting broader shifts in media consumption. Gardeners, mirroring a general trend, are increasingly drawn to shorter video formats. Despite this, traditional sources such as books and magazines maintain their popularity within this group. Notably, online platforms have overtaken cable and public TV as the preferred source for educational gardening content. While TikTok’s brief video segments align with the trend towards shorter content, YouTube remains the dominant platform among gardeners, particularly older individuals who are less inclined to use TikTok. This indicates a clear age-platform correlation in media preferences within the gardening community.

I learn about gardening in the following ways

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An opportunity to fine-tune your garden education strategy?

  • YouTube may be underestimated vs. Instagram – perhaps a re-balance is warranted
  • Don’t underestimate in-person classes – they are still quite popular even in a post-pandemic world

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