Long-Form Content in Gardening: Still Effective, Still Relevant?

Garden Education

In 2023, gardeners faced diverse choices in landscaping, from expanding to scaling back projects. This post explores how projects unfolded and the factors, especially rising costs, influencing these decisions. Uncover insights into the current landscaping landscape and gardeners’ adaptive strategies.

Do Gardeners Still Turn to Books for Green Guidance?

Exploring the relevance of gardening books in the digital era, this post delves into gardeners’ purchasing habits and reasons for shifting away from traditional print. Are these leafy guides still in vogue, or are gardeners cultivating knowledge through other means? Uncover the evolving role of books in the gardening world.

Roots and Wires: How Media Channels Shape Gardening

We examine how changes in media affect gardener education. Do gardeners prefer traditional methods like books, or are they turning to online platforms? Our exploration covers the rising trend of short TikTok clips versus detailed YouTube tutorials, uncovering an age-related split in media preferences. Uncover the shifting trends influencing how gardeners learn.