Long-Form Content in Gardening: Still Effective, Still Relevant?

Garden Education


  • Is long-form online education still viable?
  • How long is too long?
  • What factors cause long-form education to thrive?


Great Grow Along is an annual virtual garden festival, with the most recent incarnation having 57k attendees. With 40+ sessions and durations between 25-45 minutes, it was an excellent opportunity to measure the effectiveness of long-form garden education content. 

The variability in duration and topics also allowed for measuring more detailed insights. 

Measurements by Video Length

Average Watch Time

Viewers Who Watched 100%


Interpreting mixed signals is not easy when planning for 2024

  • Check back for updates to this particular Insight in Jan/Feb, sentiments will have likely changed
  • Be clear about the reasons for having increased your prices
  • Consumer balance sheets are still reasonably strong, but the trend is down – consider a strategy to sell to capacity as early as possible in 2023, before consumers are running out of cash and are forced to turn to credit. 

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