Simple Spring
Simple Spring - Fresh Garden & Lifestyle Insights
Actionable insights and research for the garden and lifestyle sectors

New Industry Data Platform

  • Year-round & Interactive
  • Surveys, polls, behavioral
  • Expert video commentary
  • Launch surveys to your audience
  • Launching in Q4 2023

Fresh Full Spectrum Data

Proprietary mix from a unique variety of sources, delivered year round

Expert Commentary

Industry experts share how to apply insights to grow your business


Data deep dive

Filter and sort data the way you want it in our Insights dashboard

Authentic Audiences

Sentiments are captured from engaged consumers ready to purchase

Garden Journey Report

Insights from our Great Grow Along event attendees on their gardening journey. This engaged audience might surprise you and encourage new ways of thinking about your business.

Inflationary Impact on Holiday Spending Report

A timely excerpt from the longer Grownomics Survey 2022/23 just in time for holiday sales.